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Posted: 09 Jan 2016 10:20
Category: Government & Development
Location: Africa , Tanzania , Shinyanga
Address: Shinyanga, Tanzania
Phone: +255282763213
almashauri ya Manispaa ya Shinyanga ni moja ya Halmashauri 5 zinazounda mkoa wa Shinyanga na ndio makao makuu ya Mkoa wa Shinyanga. Imepakana na Halmashauri ya Wilaya Shinyanga upande wa kaskazini, kaskazini magharibi,magharibi na kusini magharibi. Kuanzia upande wa mashariki hadi kusini mashariki imepakana na Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Kishapu.
Supply empty Gas Cylinder, , Refill Natural Gas, Supply of Valve and Regulators shinyanga district council
26 Aug 2016 13:52
Procurement and Supply
Deadline: 17 Sep 2016
road maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of culvert and bridges shinyanga district council
26 Aug 2016 13:50
Deadline: 17 Sep 2016
Rehabilitation and construction of building of shinyanga district council
26 Aug 2016 13:47
Deadline: 17 Sep 2016
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