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Posted: 27 Dec 2015 08:26
Category: Social/Community
Location: Africa , South Sudan
Address: South Sudan
Web Site:
Contact Name: MD
Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO) was founded in 2011. Registered
with South Sudan ministry of Justice (1158) as a national non-profit organization that aims to
promote social cohesion among the communities in South Sudan and empowers them to fight
poverty. As our mottos states, it is an obligation for the youth of South Sudan to build a
strong coalition and fight a bloodless war against poverty. SAADO is a vehicle through which
ideas, expertise, and experiences are channeled. Our conscience commits us to the creation of
better access to basic human needs through economic empowerment and the recognition of
vulnerable groups—women and children. We do this in way that is very simple. We consider
everyone as an actor in the process of community empowerment, helping to enhance food
security and livelihoods, access to quality health services and nutrition, access to quality
education, and, in creating peaceful co-existence within and among communities. 
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