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Posted: 07 Oct 2016 13:12
Category: Medical, Dental And Veterinary
Location: Africa , Kenya
Address: Unnamed Road, Kenya
Contact Name: MD
Kapsowar is a small village within the Marakwet District of the North Rift Valley Province.  It is situated on the eastern edge of the Cherangani hills overlooking the Kerio Valley.  At an altitude of about 7800 feet, and temperatures daily between 60 to 80 degrees (16 – 29 degrees centigrade), the climate is quite pleasant.
IT Specialist
07 Oct 2016 13:34
Salary: Negotiable
Pharmacy Technologist
07 Oct 2016 13:32
Health Professionals
Salary: Negotiable
Laboratory Technologist
07 Oct 2016 13:31
Health Professionals
Salary: Negotiable
X-ray Technologist
07 Oct 2016 13:16
Health Professionals
Salary: Negotiable
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