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Posted: 10 Dec 2015 17:45
Category: Government & Development
Location: Africa , Uganda , Kampala
Address: Kampala, Uganda
Contact Name: HR
Phone: N.A
Ministry of Defence is a Government Ministry responsible for the  National Defence and Security of the country. The Constitution of Uganda Article 209 establishes the roles and responsibilities of this Ministry.

Ministry of Defence has both the Army and Civilian Arms to carry out its mandate. The civilian arm ‘supports and facilitates the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) and comprises while the Armed forces are responsible for the National defence and Security.
procure of gps and satellite phone under frame work contractual arrangement
07 Sep 2016 11:16
Procurement and Supply
Deadline: 03 Oct 2016
05 Sep 2016 08:51
Procurement and Supply
Deadline: 30 Sep 2016
Provision of Transaction Advisory Services for the construction of housing accommodation for UPDF (Uganda People's Defence Forces) personnel, chief's office block and redevelopment of Acacia Mess through Public Private Partnership (PPP) Arrangements
22 Aug 2016 11:41
Others services
Deadline: 20 Sep 2016
provision of transaction advisory services for the construction of housing accommodation for UPDF(Uganda peoples defense force) personnel,chiefs office block and redevelopment of Acacia Mess through public private partnership(PPP) arrangements.
18 Aug 2016 07:15
Deadline: 20 Sep 2016
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