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Sunbird Tourism Limited
Posted: 09 Dec 2015 19:23
Category: Tourism & Travel
Location: Africa , Tanzania , Arusha
Address: Arusha, Tanzania
Contact Name: HR
Manyara Ranch is a 43,000 acre property located in the Monduli District of
Northern Tanzania, situated in a crit icall corridor between Tarangire and Lake
Manyara National Parks. Since 200, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
has been working in partnership with the Tanzania Land Conservation Trust
(TLCT) and the surrounding communities to develop Manyara Ranch into a
conservation property that integrates tourism, livestock, and wildlife. TLCT
owns Manyara Ranch and AWF has a management contract for the property
Supply of Road Construction and Maintenance Equipment
22 Aug 2016 10:19
Procurement and Supply
Deadline: 16 Sep 2016
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