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Posted: 18 Jan 2016 10:37
Category: Government & Development
Location: Africa , Tanzania , Mtwara
Address: Tanzania
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The origin of the name Mikindani is still unclear until now. Some say that the town was named after a man from the Makonde tribe who killed the sister of the first immigrants from the Makonde Plateau. An alternative, and more likely story is that Mikindani was named for the young palm trees (mikinda) that have been grown around the town. Mikindani is a fascinating old town with winding streets and an interesting blend of thatched mud houses and coral houses influenced by Arabic architecture.
The first settlers to the area were members of the Makonde tribe who settled in the north west of the lagoon. They were joined, in the 9th century, by Arab immigrants from the Arabian Peninsula who settled on the southeast edge of the bay. A further influx of Arabs settled in Mikindani in the late 17th century and early signs of Arab inhabitation still exist in Mikindani; Arab graves and mosques can be seen
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